6 Civilians Killed in Latest Rocket Attack in Syria

Six civilians were killed in a rocket shot in the city of Aleppo, Syria on Sunday, July 14, 2019. The other eight were also injured in the attack by the guerrillas.

SANA news agency reported, two areas affected “terrorist attack”, the city building is also targeted to be hit.

The British-based Syrian war Observer confirmed the number of victims. The organization’s leader, Rami Abdel Rahman, said the number of people killed could increase. Remember, some injured people are in serious condition.

“(Militants) in the west of Aleppo has targeted the city since morning,” said Abdel Rahman, quoted from Channel News Asia on Monday (15/7/2019).

Mystery Rocket shooter

The Syrian pro-government newspaper said the soldiers had responded to the attack. Although accusations lead to guerrillas, it is not immediately obvious to whom the rocket shooter is.

The existence of Al-Qaeda Syrian Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is found in the neighboring province of Aleppo, Idlib as well as nearby areas including the rural areas of Aleppo Barat. Smaller militant groups are also in the area.

Meanwhile, the Russian party and the Syrian government have increased the attack on Idlib since late April, killing nearly 600 civilians.

The HTS fighters and other combatants have responded with an assault on Syrian government forces in the region, including in the northern part of Hama province, which is also the neighbor of Aleppo.

Since the Civil war raged in 2015, the regime had made some success. Currently, the government forces have recaptured the area once held by the rebels; Except for the province of Idlib and part of the neighboring provinces of Hama, Aleppo and Latakia.

The Syrian war has killed more than 370,000 people and millions of people have been displaced since it began in 2011 with brutal crackdown on anti-government protests.

Government clash Vs opposition, Sasar medical facilities

Meanwhile, clashes occurred between government soldiers and militant-led troops in northwestern Syria, a war observer said on Thursday 11 July 2019. More than 100 people were killed in the incident.

Violence raged on the edge of the opposition fortress since Wednesday, despite a ceasefire agreement. Among the fatalities were eight civilians, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Six of them, including a child, were killed in an air raid by the regime in Jisr al-Shughur city, Syria, as quoted from Al Jazeera.

Medical facilities

The UN said it had received reports, the attack struck medical facilities and health workers.

The civil war in Syria has killed more than 370,000 people, since it erupted in 2011.

The Russian aircraft and the Syrian government have been conducting deadly bombings since late April. The regime also fought against militants and rebels backed by allies at the edge of the fortress held by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, a former Al-Qaeda affiliate.

The battles and bombings since Wednesday night have killed at least 57 government troops as well as 44 militant and allied rebels, said the UK-based war monitors in detail.

“The battle was underway when the regime and artillery planes struck the area,” said the head of the Rami Abdel Rahman Observatory.

Secretary General of the UN chairman Antonio Guterres “Condemns the harsh” air strikes are ongoing and urged that “civilians and civil infrastructures, including medical facilities, should be protected “.

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