Chief policeman Atlanta resigns regarding death of George Floyd

The police chief in Atlanta, USA resigned after a fatal officer shooting a black man named George Floyd during the arrest.

Quoted from the Asian News Channel page, Sunday (14/6/2020) This information was submitted by the mayor in Atlanta which on Saturday, June 13, 2020.

At the death of George Floyd, it caused the outrage of U.S. citizens and the world demanding the action of racism and police brutality.

Demonstrators block inter-state highways and burn tires. This action took place several hours after Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced his resignation from his post as police chief Erika Shields.

Floyd died after a white police of Minneapolis had been in the neck for nearly nine minutes.

Meanwhile, United States President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with religious leaders, law enforcement, and small business owners in Dallas.

The meeting was conducted while Donald Trump considered a number of actions in response to protests across the U.S. after the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, when he was arrested by white police.

Their discussion was stated that the White House would include “various solutions for economic gaps, health, and historical justice among the people in America.”

White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany said the legislative proposals and executive orders related to George Floyd’s case are equally considered, and that the government will deliver it “in the coming days.”

Nevertheless, Donald Trump does not support a proposal that transforms the doctrine of immune qualifying, to help protect law enforcement officers from civil litigation.

“This is the thing that will not qualify in the Democratic faction proposed legislation,” said McEnany.

Submit an overhaul of the law

Legislation that wants the reshuffle of police law in the U.S. has submitted leaders in the DPR-dominated Democratic faction.

The purpose of this legislation is to expand police accountability, track officers through national records of police offenses and end the practice of moving military equipment to police departments across the Americas.

Meanwhile, the Republican-led Senate is also drafting its own condemning package. In the next week, the Senate Justice Committee is scheduled to conduct hearing remarks on the issue.

On Wednesday 10 June, the Justice committee of the HOUSE held a hearing in which the brother of George Floyd, Philonise, urged the legislators to approve legislation restricting the use of force by the police.

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